Know Your Voice With
The Voice Type Assessment

Take this assessment quiz to find out your voice type and learn the ‘language” of what your voice is trying to tell you. No more guessing. You will learn more about your voice in 15 minutes than anyone else has ever shown you.

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The greatest singers in the world understand their voice inside and out, knowing its strengths and limitations. They don’t panic when things go wrong or their voice doesn’t cooperate.

❌ “Can I still hit the notes?!”

❌ “What’s wrong with my voice?!”

❌ “Do I need to call off the performance?!”

The Voice Type Assessment will determine your unique voice type, providing insights far beyond basic categories like “Tenor” or “Alto.” It offers a thorough evaluation of your vocal strengths and weaknesses across five areas. By understanding your voice type, you can make informed decisions about your singing, avoiding the usual emotional turmoil.

This assessment gives you the tools to research your voice and track your progress. When your voice feels tired, you’ll know precisely how to support it, avoiding the cycle of negative thinking and confusion.