Katie Colosimo

Katie Colosimo

Sophie Jolls, Nashville TN 

Meet Katie Colosimo: vocal coach extraordinaire who has not only mastered the art of singing but loves sharing the secrets to a powerful, effortless, and confident vocal performance. 

With a career that has seen her on stage 5 nights a week, Katie’s passion for music and vocal excellence led her to graduate from the prestigious Belmont University in the heart of Nashville. Now, she shares her expertise with aspiring and pro singers looking to set their voices free and captivate audiences like never before.

She loves guiding singers towards that unforgettable, show-stopping moment on stage. With a perfect blend of candid, honest feedback and unwavering encouragement, she knows that the path to vocal greatness requires both precision and motivation.

Katie’s superpower is seeing the “vision” of a song through from start to finish, and helping singers find and leverage their unique stylistic flair. No detail escapes her notice… because she knows that an amazing vocal performance hinges on these small details.

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Katie specializes in:

  • Vocal technique, all levels
  • Belt / mix voice
  • Pop, Country, Rock, R&B, Musical Theater, Worship
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Vocal tone / texture
  • Show / audition prep
  • Building confidence
  • Song arrangement / Stylizing
  • Expanding range
  • Artist Development, Songwriting coaching
  • Vocal therapy: Fatigue / Laryngitis 
  • Stage presence

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