Sophie Jolls

Sophie Jolls

Sophie Jolls, Nashville TN 

For nearly 20 years, Vocal Coach Sophie Jolls has been the driving force behind countless success stories in the city of Nashville. Today, she focuses on experienced vocalists, preparing them for the rigors of tour, honing their vocal production, and mentoring some of the most recognizable names in the industry

Sophie is not just a singer, coach, and worship leader, she’s also a visionary who has redefined the standards of vocal training since creating her Mix Voice Method 17 years ago. This revolutionary method has disrupted traditional singing techniques, opening a new realm of possibilities for vocalists of all types and styles. Paired with her freakish ability to tell what’s happening inside a singer’s voice after hearing them just once, she gets results faster than anyone thought possible.

She’s obsessed with helping singers level-up their voice, let go of mental blocks, maintain vocal health, and deliver breathtaking performances that win over crowds again and again. But what truly sets Sophie apart is her mission to share her expertise. She doesn’t keep her knowledge to herself. She also trains and certifies other vocal coaches in the industry and all across the world. 

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Sophie specializes in:

  • Advanced vocal technique
  • Vocal tone / texture
  • Belt / mix voice
  • Pop, Rock, R&B, Worship, Blues, Country
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Vocal vulnerability
  • Arranging / Stylizing
  • Teacher training
  • Show prep / Studio prep
  • Building confidence
  • Vocal Therapy: Nodules / Polyps / Vocal disorders
  • Stage presence
  • Vocal producing

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