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For pro and nearly-pro singers who are serious about their craft, and want to level-up quickly. Our courses are a hybrid of on-demand lessons, group coaching, AND one-on-one.

Watch videos, work with our world-class vocal coaches, complete homework, and discover powerful vocal exercises on-demand inside the app. If you want to be totally comfortable with your voice, and you’re ready to invest 1-2 hours a week to catapult your career, this is for you. Learn the Mix Voice Method at your own pace and collaborate with other singers inside the app. One-on-one coaching is included every month.

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Pro Singer’s Course

A program for Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz or R&B singers who want to level-up every inch of their voice and deliver a show-stopping performance.

Worship Singer’s Course

A program for Christian singers and worship leaders who want to improve their technique and lead worship with incredible skill and freedom.

Vocal Coaching Certification

A program for singers or vocal teachers who want to improve their own voice, get certified, and grow a profitable vocal coaching business in 3-6 months.