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Meet Kiley-1
Kiley Dean

With a music career spanning decades, Kiley has graced the stage and studio alongside some of the biggest names in the world. Years ago, she found herself trapped in the confines of the industry, pressured to conform to the world's expectations and to be someone she wasn't.

She struggled to find her place, and finally embraced who she is: a force to be reckoned with. A pop vocalist with a gospel flair. A worship leader. A vocal coach. A wife. A mother. A cancer-survivor. A beacon of support and empowerment to other singers struggling to find and protect their own vocal identity in a challenging industry.

Kiley has experienced the highest peaks and the deepest valleys, and emerged stronger than ever. Not only as a ridiculous singer and coach, but also a funny, relatable, and truly authentic person. Her great love is to challenge other singers to do the same.

Kiley Dean is more than just a vocal coach; she's a mentor who will help you find and leverage your unique voice, and sustain a dynamite singing career.

Follow Kiley on Instagram: @kileydean

Kiley specializes in:

  • Pop, Gospel, R&B, Worship, Blues, Musical Theater, Rock
  • Vocal technique, all levels
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Vocal tone / texture
  • Audition prep
  • Harmony / Ear training
  • Belt / mix voice
  • Arranging / Stylizing
  • Stage presence
  • Building confidence
  • Show prep
  • Vocal producing
  • Part arranging


  • Single Hour : $140
  • 5 Session Package: $560
  • 10 Session Package: $1120
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