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Meet Bay-1
Meet Bay

Bay Turner grew up a church choir singer, too shy to perform a solo. Even after earning an Opera Performance degree, he still struggled with his voice and his identity as a singer.

In 2021, he went in for a routine operation and the anesthesiologist damaged one of his vocal cords during intubation. He lost his voice completely. But through vocal therapy, he miraculously recovered and went on to wow the judges on America’s Got Talent in just a few months.  

His passion as a vocal coach is helping singers “find themselves" as artists so they don’t hold anything back, or damage themselves. From Gospel to Worship, from Pop to Soul, Bay's ability to take a singer to the next level is astonishing.

Bay specializes in:
  • Mix Voice Technique
  • Worship / Christian vocals
  • Artist development
  • Building Confidence
  • Harmony / Background vocals
  • Recording Studio Hacks
  • Pop / Country / Soul / Gospel / Ballads
  • Single Hour : $115
  • 5 Session Package: $460
  • 10 Session Package: $920
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