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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Vocal Workshop?

The Vocal Workshop is a hands-on singing workshop with vocal coach Sophie Shear. It will align your team in technique + terminology, reveal fresh authenticity, and allow them to lead unrestrained. 

What type of singer is it for?

The workshop is perfect for worship pastors, worship leaders, vocalists on the team, choir members, or singers who want to be on the team.

What does it cost to have Sophie at our church?

There are options for every budget! The church can pay for everything, Sophie's studio can organize with your location as a host, or you can invite other churches and charge a small registration fee. First fill out an application, then customize with Sophie on Zoom.

What are the scheduling options?

Some churches opt for a mid-week workshop in the evening, others do it on a Saturday morning and have Sophie stay to coach singers privately afterwards.

What do we need to provide?
  • A space for the workshop (a choir room, chapel, or worship center)
  • An electric piano
  • 2 vocal mics
  • A space for private lessons after the workshop
  • 1 sound tech
Will Sophie offer private lessons at the event?

Yes! She will have a few private lesson slots available. The church can sponsor some, or singers can pay for themselves.

How do we schedule a workshop?

1. Fill out the application
2. Customize your event on Zoom w/ Sophie
3. Invite your team (we provide promo materials)
4. They register on our website
5. Enjoy the workshop!